Answers about Colonial America

Many of the characters crafted in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings act as symbols or representations of broader themes or moral lessons. They often struggle with Read more Colonial America +3 How did Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family react to the fathers death? Asked by Wiki User Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family was deeply affected by his father’s death when he […]

Answers about Alaska

yes, montanans are human. despite anything said by californians.

Answers about Performing Arts

No. Please see the related questions below for “What rhymes with hands?” and “What rhymes with dance?”

Answers about Education

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or The Mist of Avalon or Eragon,or Eldest,or Brisinger another is the Mistborn series which is about 8 books long and Read more Education Where can students get assignment help? Asked by Wiki User Students can get assignment help from anywhere that is connected to their […]

America’s Amish EXPLOSION: sect has doubled in size since 2000

America’s low-technology Amish sect has doubled in size since 2000 and will hit 1 million members this century as it spreads far beyond its Pennsylvania heartland, new research shows. Steven Nolt, an expert on the Amish, told that its 378,000-strong US population was doubling every 20 years, thanks to families with lots of children […]

Patrick Mahomes reveals why he has NOT called for tighter gun laws

Patrick Mahomes has revealed why he has not called for tighter gun laws in the wake of a fatal shooting during the team’s Super Bowl parade in February. A 43-year-old mother of two was killed that day in Kansas City, with court documents saying at least six people fired weapons.  Speaking to TIME, Mahomes said, […]

Answers about Economics

specialisation is a situation where individuals and firms , regions and nations concentrate upon producing some goods and services rather than others, but Divis Read more Economics How many cents to a dollar? Asked by Wiki User 100 cents makes a dollar