Education in the 1950s?

education was hard, people had to learn long multipucation and divisons,

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The Broadcast Media Arts program provides hands-on training in the realm of radio and gives students experience in live production, script-writing, announcing a Read more The Difference Between +1 What is the difference between performed and preformed? Asked by 4966pm performed something and you can preformed something like do it over how ever ask […]


What follows if my final paper for a class called Teaching & Learning that I took during the 2009 winter semester at Bennington College. Learning about learning has so far been a mind-opening experience. I am studying to become a social sciences teacher, though education is really a social science in itself. Actually, it has […]

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Robin Hood is traditionally depicted as growing up in a middle-class family. His father was a yeoman, a farmer who owned his own land. He was not part of the no Read more Job Training and Career Qualifications +3 What was the serfs job? Asked by Wiki User The serfs or peasants job was too […]

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For human beings breathable air consists of a ratio of oxygen to some inert gas (on earth it is nitrogen). The typical concentration is about 1/5th oxygen and 3 Read more Science What model is used to study atoms? Asked by Wiki User The Bohr model helps us understand the way that quantum mechanics determines […]

11 Best Practices for Improving Special Education

Demand for excellence in special education should not be a point of debate or discussion; it is an indisputable obligation of any educational system. To ensure that students with disabilities receive the care and attention they need to reach their full potential, educators must strive for excellence in meeting their needs. This means providing comprehensive, […]

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The first female Governor-General of Australia was Quentin Bryce. She held the position from 2008 to 2014 and served as the Queen’s representative in Australia. Read more Government +1 What is the name of the leader of the opposition? Asked by Wiki User The opposition leader is currently Tony Abbott. Although he is the leader […]

Rise in teen boys demanding rough sex, choking girls as young as 12

There is a disturbing rise in the numbers of teenage boys demanding rough sex and choking partners as young as 12, new research revealed. A recent survey by Dr. Debby Herbenick, known to be one of the foremost researchers on American sexual behavior, questioned 5,000 women anonymously at a ‘major Midwestern university,’ the New York Times reported.  […]